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Sugar Mill Rollers

Offered Range : Mill Size : 24” x 48” to 50” x 100”

Extracting juice from sugar cane to make sugar involves squeezing fiberized cane between large rotating rollers. Grooving of the cast iron roller surfaces and subsequent arcing of teeth profile with globules of hard and highly durable metal improves juice extraction and prevents slippage of fiberized cane during crushing.

The three rollers of a conventional mill are arranged in a triangle, so that the fiber is squeezed twice between the top roller and the feed roller and the top roller and the discharge roller. The rollers have cast iron, grooved shells mounted on steel shafts.

Chevron shaped grooves are cut lengthwise through the circumferential grooving as an aid to feeding. Such grooving decrease the effective pressure surface of the rollers and causes excessive bagasse in mixed juice. We offer rollers with arcing & chevron grooving as per need of customer.

Types of Roller

  • Conventional roller.
  • Lotus Roller with single nozzle.
  • Semi couch roller :Lotus roller with 2/3 nozzles.
  • Couch Roller : lotus Roller with 5 Nozzles.
  • GRPF Roller

We provide nozzle in each groove having grooving pitch 40mm, 50mm and 65mm and roller having grooving pitch 25mm and 32.50mm are provided with nozzles in alternate grooves. Undeerfeed roller having grey cast iron shall confirming IS 11201 shrink fitted on shaft.

Material Details :-

  1. Rollers
  2. 1.Jassal Special Grade Cast Iron Roller
    a) Top & Bottom Conventional Roller
    b) Top & Bottom Lotus Roller
    c) Top Semi Couch Roller 2/3 Nozzles.
    d) Couch Roller with 5 Nozzles.

    This special grade is approved by Nation Metallurgical Laboratory – Jamshedpur in accordance with BS-1452, BS-EN-1561, ISO – 185, Special Grade Cast Iron.

    Benefits :- Jassal Special grade cast iron Roller Improve
    1. Tensile Strength
    2. Wear resistance
    3. Machinability & Strength
    4. Strainant failure
    5. Dimensional stability & Stress reliveing.
    6. Life 35% to 50% more than General Roller i.e. of IS - 11201.

    2. Roller having coarse grain cast iron shell confirming to IS – 11201 – 1985. Hardness : 180 – 210 BHN

  3. Forged Steel Shaft
  4. 1.Material: 40C8/45C8, IS : 1570-1979RA-1998. Hardness : 170-210 BHN.
    2.Material Alloy Steel: EN-19 Hardness : 201 – 255BHN